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Resus U! is a cloud-based online subscription that longitudinally monitors student participation and performance, relaying performance data to the course instructor(s). Resus U! collects information such as how often each student plays the app, which cases they have played and how they have scored on each case. The data can be analyzed within the app or exported into research-friendly formats such as CSV or Microsoft Excel.



Resus U! can be used as part of a longitudinal curriculum. Student metrics can be tracked over time, whether that be weeks, months or years. In addition, Resus U! can be used for live teaching in group learning such as problem-based learning. Students can work through a case in the classroom and participate in facilitative group discussion with their instructor. Group performance metrics are captured real-time and can be displayed on an iPad or larger display for the group to view.


Intended Audience

While the Resuscitation! app was designed for individuals, Resus U! has been designed specifically for academic institutions, universities and other learning groups interested in engaging their students with a mobile virtual patient curriculum. If you are an individual and would like Resus U! to be a part your curriculum, talk with your leadership and email them information.



To start, Resus U! is the only virtual patient simulator for the iPhone and iPad. It uses a validated learning format and is highly engaging for students (thousands of students use the application daily outside of their curriculums). It does not require constant internet connection, so students can learn on-the-go. Resuscitation! is a low-cost solution; it’s cost is orders of magnitude lower than the cost of running and maintaining a real simulation center. Resus U!’s smart technology quietly records user metrics for reliable data analysis for core measure tracking and even educational research. In addition, you can work with us to create your own custom content for your institution.

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