The most advanced mobile virtual simulation platform available.

Simulation Training

Can be used without constant internet connection

24/7 Access

Orders of magnitude less than traditional simulation approach with mannequins

Cost Effective

Systems-based approach using virtual patient cases

Proven Teaching

User metrics are stored in the cloud for analysis by instructor

Cloud-based Metrics


Addictive Learning

Designed by an emergency physician from the ground-up, Resuscitation! is a case-based medical simulator that has an engaging interface. Resuscitation! scores the user based on performance, and as we all know, healthcare students are competitive and want to perform better.

Our users are asking for more cases faster than we are able to produce them!


Community Approved

Resuscitation! has been user over 1.2 million times and is used thousands of times everyday. It has been used in over 50 countries and has hundreds of 5-Star user reviews.

The platform is built for the iPhone/iPad and is suitable for individual group/academic use.



An individual user can get started for free and can purchase additional content for just a few dollars. Other virtual patient simulators costs thousands of dollars for a single user.

Comparing Resuscitation! to traditional physical simulation centers, Resuscitation! is order s of magnitude less costly.


Tomorrow’s Technology. Today

Resuscitation! is a flexible learning platform using the latest in mobile technology to allow students to learn-on-the-go. No longer is learning restricted to the classroom or library.

Academic institutions can get connected with our cloud-based user metric tracking system to monitor student performance metrics and even to participate in live small group problem-based learning sessions. You can build your own custom mobile curriculum with Resuscitation! Contact us to learn more!

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Testimonials from Resuscitation! users

"This is the best mind stimulating app I have ever used"

"I absolutely love this game!"

"I use this app as additional material in many ACLS courses"

"I am an ER resident...I have noticed improvement in practice"